Self-government or stealth government; that is the question.



The US goverment is a genocidal (((masonic theocracy))) that is an enemy of all pure races.

It killed off the red man, napalmed the yellow man, firebombed Germans, sponsored (globalist) mass murder communism, but SAVED the Jews who ran the gulags. The (((USG))) was started by Jewish slave traders who built and milked black slavery. The genocial nature of the USG continues because it is institutionalized.



Mr. Negro, did the Jews make you pick their cotton and pray to Bjesus? They made you pick their cotton and pray to Bjesus, didn't they? Jews owe you!



Communism is the slavery of mankind to Jews; that is their Talmudic Imperative. Jews CAUSE communism. To stop communism, you have to stop Jews.

Half of all money in US elections comes from Jews.

Jews tip the balance to CAPTURE Congress, the Supreme Court, and the boardrooms to serve Jews. You can only beat the Jews by banning them. If you don't, Jew-run government will crush the native race, until the natives throw them off. The (((USG))) works for the Jews. You don't have to.

The USG does not serve our race or any race. No one of any pure race owes the (((USG))) its loyalty. We are enormously better off dissolving it.

We don't need to carry its water, fight its wars, or be emotionally-attached children to its scams, deceptions, and dangers.

We must stop the JEWISH WAR ON GENTILES.






Objective 1

Dissolve the US Federal Gov't: 

FEDBUSTERS exists to dissolve the US federal government by providing the right incentives to do so. 

Politicians are greedy. Use their greed to dissolve the system.

History will only remember the first and last president: George Washington and Donald Trump.

Let's use Donald Trump's Towering Ego as a battering ram to dissolve the USG.  



Tactic 1: 



The Chairman, on behalf of the Boards of Trustees of the new regional goverments, offers a $5 million bonus to EACH federal lawmaker and a $500,000 bonus to EACH state lawmaker to retire the USG, in favor of regional governments, as described in ARTICLE 8.

This bonus proposal creates a state of negotiation. 

It also creates a state of competition between state and federal lawmakers.

If state lawmakers dissolve the USG, while the federal lawmakers failed to, the federal bonuses will go to state lawmakers.  

To help spread the word and chat up the proposal to lawmakers, staff of lawmakers who deliver on Article 8 will get $20,000.  




Problem 2: Stealth government did 911

Even if you think the USG was off to a loyal start, by now, it has been hijacked by the NINE MONSTERS: Jews, Israelis, Zionists, pedophiles, freemasons, Rhodes Scholars, members of the Council on Foreign Relations, Skull and Bones, and Jesuits. These are all Jewish creations.

This is not self-government, but stealth government. 

The NINE MONSTERS did the 911 terror operation. They had the motives, means, and opportunity to build the buildings, plant the explosives, and crush the truth.

That's the past. Today, the same monsters are poisoning us with chemtrails, pushing transexuality onto kids, and lusting for WWIII.

The monsters want WWIII to justify world government; world peace through world war. The maosonic -jew elites are self-righteous, self-deluded, child-raping crazies.

As my grandfather would say, "We don't need them. They need us for food and soldiers." Once they have their robots, they won't need us at all.

We must appeal to the greed of our politicians to dissolve the federal government, while we still have a chance.

This incentive approach is the only peaceful way to get the pedophiles off our back. 





Objective 2


Tactic 1



Tactic 2

Regional Government:  

We must move to regional governments that avert world government and world war.

Each regional government would have a Board of Trustees charged with the duty to assure self-government.

The Board of Trustees would have all power necessary to ASSURE SELF-GOVERNMENT, including the power to fire the NINE MONSTERS.

"To be under or over Jews. There is no equality." - YODA




Our destiny is to be UBERJUDEN.


The sad truth of equality under the law is that anyone can come in and hijack your base.  Our system is a system for suckers. You need to ban your enemies. Enemies exist. Your enemy is not your equal. No matter how much your enemy demands equality, you must pass the shit test, and always deny him equality. If you don't pass the test, your country goes to...


howie rubin.png





1. LAW: We must get the law on our side with a Board of Trustees (BOT).

The law is what is best for the community.  The law is NOW.

Is it best for the community (98% Gentiles!) to be ruled by (((predators))) and (((parasites)))? No. To be ruled by Jews is against the law.

Is it best for us that the government sponsors fake news and synthetic terrorism to stun us into submission? No. It's against the law.


2. AUTHORITY: We must have a vessel of authority: the Board of Trustees has the ALL-POWER NECESSARY PRINCIPLE: that is the power of amnesty, the power of issuing currency, and the power to deputize the public. 


3. POWER: The public has to be prepared to be deputized and be willing to serve at the side of the Board of Trustees. This gives the Board of Trustees credibility to negotiate the NINE MONSTERS out of power, should the bonus tactic fail to work.

If CNN pawns off FAKE NEWS, while the people PAY for news, via their cable subscriptions, then CNN is commtting fraud. Is it illegal to arrest fraud? The public will have to storm CNN to get real news out. From there, taking America back from the Jews is cake.



The regional constitution will be a copy of the US Constitution with ARTICLE 8 providing for a Board of Trustees.

Fedbusters creates four Board of Trustees for the four new regional governments. These BOTS manage the transition of power from federal to regional governments, and the delegation of bureacracies, therein.

The state lawmakers will nominate candidates for regional executive.

The BOT selects the best fit.

From there, the regional executive will build a cabinet starting with the Interior Department Secretary.

Trump can swiftly delegate the Interior Department responsbilities to the regional counterpart. After some 15 days, all the departments can be so delegated. The federal government would exist as a receivership in D.C. managing out the debt and currency. The federal debt would be put on a blockchain as currency and allowed to decay at 1/1000th per week. After 19 years, the currency representing the debt would be gone.  







The Jews who run the masonic theocracy love to pit the races against each other the way thugs incite dog fighting. 

The opposite of race war is RACIAL HUSBANDRY.

The farmer is a good shepard. 

Every animal on the farm has its own place and no animal can eat the other animals' food. 






Objective 3


The law is what is best for the community.

Is it best for the community to be run by a cult? (((Masonry))) is a cult.

A cult is a malevolent religious circle that consumes its members.

911 was history's most dramatic act of Jewish ritual murder. America is run by a masonic-Jew cult.

The health of the community is what the law expects of its members. Health is an objective matter. A community is national, social, biological, and thus racial; thus the law of its health is subject to common understanding. This contrasts with the legalistic fits of "pure reason" peering into the crystal ball of inconceivable "universal" law.  It also contrasts with occult law of uniting nature's "opposites" into goo...men and women into trannies or eunuchs, or turning Europeans, Asians, and Africans into socially-engineered smoothy goonies. 

The masonic sickness is worship of the monad and an unfounded imperative to make this world like some other world, where all is one: a monomind, a monostate, a synthetic monorace, and a synthetic monosex.  

(((Masonry))) is an absolute enemy of mankind.

If politics is racial husbandry, and if the law is what is best for the racial health of the community, then naturally, the law must suit the race, meaning, there is no one “true” universal law; just as there is no one true universal pair of pants. 

The individual has all conceivable freedom within the bounds of the community's racial health.

A "volk-serving" state suits the community and commands legal authority. What destroys the community has no force of law.

Masonry subverts the community and is against the law. 

LIZARD LAW: Jews and cucks are lizards and subject to the law for lizards.


Once we rid ourselves of the subversive (((masonic theocracy))) we will have a government loyal to Gentiles, and loyal to our race. 



Civilization is the permanent expression of values conducive to human development. Race is its central normative concept.


The proper purpose of politics is racial husbandry. The proper scope of politics is the race. The proper method is husbandry.

Weed the weeds.  Mend the injured. Fight the wolves.




Hitler burned (((smut.))) Jews and filthy fapping (((conservatives))) call porns and fapping novels (((books))):  "Dear god! Muh books! Hitler burned our books!" 


Art beautifies the race. Politics husbands the race. Religion celebrates the race. Race is the basis of our norms and ideals.

When these parts of society work together, you have a joyful healthy congruent society where social intimacy can flourish.

Where do you want to live?




















GOLLYGEE.jpg  Could it be that Jews are just USING me to fight their wars?




natives against zionist imbeciles2.png







Only the BOT has the power to CRUSH Hollywood Jew CHILD ABUSE