911 Twin Tower Display was a horrifying (((masonic))) ritual.


It involved powerful characters: the Rockefellers, the British government, their colony Israel, and the Jew media.

Our government knew or should have known of this plot. 

Given that the USG is a masonic theocracy, where masons like Rockefeller were Vice-President and Skull and Bones Bush was president, this event was done with this government's actual religion and religious zeal.

The inside job is obvious once you understand what the USG is.




The creatures that did 911 have great power and patience. It is not merely about Israel, the British, or the inner cult, at the root of it all.

Certainly, they have the power to exterminate millions of people right now....but they don't. They aim to, as the Georgia Guidestones tell us, but they are sticking to their own time table. They follow the stars. Perhaps, their next big hit will be 3-11-19 in Seattle. If America is a (((masonic theocracy))) symbolizing Hyram Abiff, who dies by three strikes to the head, then we have had our 911 and our 611. We await our 311 for the end of this country.

This means they aren't about killing us off qua enemy. For them, this is a game, like a cat playing with a mouse. They want us to wake up and fight full throttle against them. They want us to kick some ass to make it interesting. And we must play the game, kick some ass, and show these entities, what mankind is made of. We are facing the most advanced enemy that has defeated Russia, Germany, China, Japan, and many other nations, besides the US. Our odds are very small, but we only need to win one element of the media, money, or military, to win them all. From there, it is back to racial husbandry, and a world of joy.



Origin of the Jews: Who are they? Where did they come from?

Why are Jews racial, sexual, artistic, and moral imbeciles?


Why are they hyper-sexual pedophiles, homosexuals, porn-peddlers, and trannies, ravaged by an insatiable incest-instinct? 

Why do they go down the female line?

Why are they wandering around looking for their father figure, their messiah?

Why are they so mixed race, yet so inbred?


whorehouse thesis.png


howie rubin.png









Trump loves sporting the orange face. 

He blew up Syria to mark US entry into WWI.


Sabbatean (Frankist) Jew Donald Trump...His ancestor fled the Frankfurt area to America and opened up a whorehouse.


Did Big Dick Mitt Romney blow up the 47-story Building 7? (He said 47% three times. 11+11+11 = 33. He won 47% of the vote. He threw the election right on the money! ORCA = 33)

Did man-hating Hillary blow up the masculine North Tower?

Did pussy-grabbing Trump blow up the South Tower?

Did traitor McCain blow up the Pentagon?

Did Skull and Bones George Bush and John Kerry let it all slide?

Did Hillary collapse on 911 because of illness, or tribute to her dirty work?

What about her bum logo?








All major presidential candidates since 911 were in on it to assure no investigation.

Isn't that how you would do it?  

That's a working thesis. Why does it make sense?

Screen Shot 2016-11-11 at 1.25.30 PM.png

Who are the sheep, the suckers, and the street-smart?


("False Jews" are biological Jews who dropped the Torah fig leaf. They are just jewish nihilists who unleash their rapacious sexual instincts.)

Jewish sexual depravity brings down Nordic blonde sexual standards leading to racial depravity and the destruction of the Nordic blonde phenotype. Jews represent an existential threat to Europeans. This is why Nordic blondes can't have a society with Jews around. To exist Nordic blondes and other European Gentiles need a political and legal safe space, refuge, nature preserve from Jews to assure the continuation of their species. Politics is RACIAL HUSBANDRY.




2) Dealey Plaza Temple & Fertility.014_preview.jpeg











Besides the evidence of explosives, the Jews all over the operation, the Rockefeller link to the inside job, there is the masonic gemetria, astrology, and mythology in the construction and destruction of the buildings. None of this is coincidence. When such disparate things click together it is by design.

A coincidence is rare, but something you'd expect, like meeting your co-worker over the weekend, while foodshopping. You both have the weekend off. You both live in the same town. You're schedules are both open at the same time. You both need to go out for food. 



Flight AA-11 "hit" the 11-shaped towers. AA = 11. Flight 11. Structure-11. 11+11+11 = 33.  

Twin Towers came down 33 years after construction began in 1968.

On 911, 2001: A Space Odessy = 33 years old

On 911 911 emergency calling code = 33 years old

Mohammed Atta "dies" on 911 at 33.

Light show over Twin Towers lasts 33 days.

Special Forces Monument runs through 33 NYC streets on 11-11-11. = 33