To participate, we have a FORUM.

We aim for EFFECTIVE action to achieve our goal. We are not here to debate the merits of the goal, but to mobilize and achieve the goal.

The federal government is a pathological liar and a menace to the world. We need to dissolve it.

We need to ban the bad guys from the new clean-slate regional governments.

We need a Board of Trustees charged with that duty. 




If you live near DC or a state capital and have the professionalism required to engage politicians, join the FORUM.



If you are a staffer or lawmaker, we need your input to be successful. Join the FORUM.



If you are part of the media, we need to spread the word. Can we buy media time with the FEDBUSTER digital asset? 

If you have a youtube channel that discusses these issues, join the FORUM and let us know what you need to make videos.

If you are a member of the public that would like to spread the word you can also join the facebook page.



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