Regional States

The federal bureaucracy could easily be delegated to regional states.  Each regional state would have a Board of Trustees (BOT) to ASSURE SELF-GOVERNMENT.

The BOT would have all power necessary to assure self-government. This would include the power to fire Jews, Isaelis, Zionists, pedophiles, freemasons, Rhodes Scholars, members of Skull and Bones, the Jesuits, and the Council on Foreign Relations.

The BOT would also have the power to issue a debt-free currency to its respective Congress as a reasonable allowance. Thus, the BOT "pays" the taxes, so the people don't have to. That ends taxation.

Here are the regional states: New West, New East, New South, New North:


Optimized-New West.png



Optimized-New East.png



Optimized-New South.png



Optimized-New North.png







To make this happen, we can copy the US Constitution and add a new article, Article 8, providing for the Board of Trustees.


Article 8


Section. 1.

The power to ASSURE SELF-GOVERNMENT shall reside with the Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees shall have all power NECESSARY to assure self-government; wherein the theme, purpose, and strategic vision of government and politics is RACIAL HUSBANDRY.  Among these powers are:


Section. 2.

1.The power to fire agents of subversion, particularly, Jews, Israelis, Zionists, pedophiles, freemasons, Rhodes Scholars, members of the Council on Foreign Relations, Skull and Bones, and Jesuits.

2.The power to defeat Rothschild bank colonization; the power to issue debt-free/interest-free currency of various definitions as a reasonable allowance to Congress; to provide reasonable allowances to candidate campaigns for public office; to exclude subversives from running for office; to bar all subversive corporate, Jewish, and foreign-servile financing; the power to pay reasonable or agreed upon bonuses to create regional governments.

3.The power to propose amendments to the Constitution; which shall be valid upon a 55 percent approval of the regional Congress.

4.The power to prevent war and/or suspend military operations; the power to negotiate and achieve strategic acquisitions.

5.The power to cultivate the life of the nation, to investigate and reveal matters of public concern, to destroy war propaganda, to open archives to public scrutiny, to declassify information, and to advance historical truth.

6.The power to void any law, or part of any law, produced by subversives which offends the current national spirit or the expectations of the people, therein.

7. Without abrogating or disparaging the executive power, the Board of Trustees shall have the power to pardon and commute; to compensate individuals, as may be necessary for reasons of justice; and to provide amnesty for strategic or political reasons for advancing political change from the current subverted political order.

8. The power to deputize citizens and provide absolute legal shelter to restore self-government.

9. The Chairman shall have a term of 10 years and shall nominate the most worthy board members, who shall elect the subsequent Chairman; the founding Chairman for all four regional governments shall be the man who wrote this article.

10. The Board of Trustees shall expire every 10 years, unless, reauthorized by the Regional Congress.



1. All state and regional laws shall self-expire every ten years, unless, reauthorized by lawmakers.

2. All states have the right to secede from the regional government after one year.

3. The Board of Trustees shall maintain a political officers course and shall certify those who have successfully completed it.

4. Lawmakers of the respective regions shall nominate qualified candidates for regional executive. The Board of Trustees shall select the best fit for regional executive who shall start the regional cabinets. Upon creation of the cabinets of the regional governments, the US President is required to delegate all departments and agencies to the regional counterpart.

5. The national debt shall be converted to its own 20 trillion unit digital currency that shall decay at 1/1000th of itself per week. The Chairman of the Board of Trustees shall adjust the details, if necessary; and to cancel any debts held by the Federal Reserve, as necessary; and/or to redeploy some or all of those funds to start the regional governments. The Federal Reserve shall be audited and its full history publicly disclosed. 

6. The US federal government shall exist as a receivership in D.C. and curate and manage out the currencies; and any other business, without detriment to the regional governments or to the people; with guidance and approval from the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, as necessary. 

7. All federal treaties shall be bound to the regional states, but all treaties shall be subject to review, reaffirmation, and/or expiration within ten years.   

8. Tax year 2017 federal taxes shall be cancelled. 


Notes. 1.


1. To get "likes" in social media, the Board of Trustees may elect to feed Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube executives to alligators for deleting fan favorite youtubes, or for deleting other truth-advancing Youtube channels, videos, and posts. The Board of Trustees takes umbrage to the suppression of truth. 

2. BOIL THE FROGS TACTIC: If this Article fails to be approved by the end of January 2019, the state and federal governments shall assume that the citizens have freely forfeited their the right to bear arms, the right to speak freely, and their interest in self-goverment. The Secretary General of the United Nations will assume supreme and absolute authority over the land and people of the United States and shall assume the ownership of all property. World War III shall commence forthwith on 3-11-19. Whip out the nukes. 

3. We need a fork in the road to break the status quo. We need to put the candle under everyone's ass to make a fundamental choice. Stealth government is just a means to world government. The (((USG))) is masonic government by stealth. The issue is: self-government or world government.

4. The 2018 Congressional elections must have this Article 8 as an issue. It's unclear what Article 8 would mean for CALEXIT, but there is no CALEXIT apart from Article 8.


Notes. 2.

Note the three bodies of lawmakers and the deadlines:

1. Current lawmakers, including any state lawmakers, that retire or lost elections, and who will be swapped out by 1-20-18. They need to do their part, if they want any bonus money. New lawmakers taking office in January 2018. 

2. April 15, 2017.  Article 8 cancels 2017 federal taxes.  If we can get Article 8 passed by Christmas, that's a Christmas bonus for everyone.

3. New lawmakers of January 2019, especially, in Congress.  World War III starts 3-11-19.  Dissolve the USG to stop WWIII.


We have three whacks at the apple in a brief period.









That's RIGHT! Don't let those crackers steal your bonus.






The Board of Trustees will end the toxic war propaganda that destroys our political culture.  

Hitler wanted a German-serving government to protect blood-Germans on traditional German soil.

That's what it means to be a National Socialist.   

National Socialism is common sense folk-wisdom that stands the test of time.

(((Who))) would demonize such a thing?