ARTICLE 8 ends war propaganda.

8.2.5.The power to cultivate the life of the nation, to investigate and reveal matters of public concern, to destroy war propaganda, to open archives to public scrutiny, to declassify information, and to advance historical truth.




The Board of Trustees will end the toxic war propaganda that destroys our political culture.  

Hitler wanted a German-serving government to protect blood-Germans on traditional German soil.

That's what it means to be a National Socialist.   

National Socialism is common sense folk-wisdom that stands the test of time.

(((Who))) would demonize such a thing?









Fads come and go. Businesses come and go. Money comes and goes. Tourists come and go. Politicians and empires come and go, but the blood is ABSOLUTE.

All our talents are in our blood. All the great men of posterity are in our blood. We just have to let them out. That is the power of blood. We are never poor, if our blood is strong. Only a VOLK-WISDOM of the blood can protect our endless treasure. That defeats the Jew and his lust to poison our blood and steal our treasure forever. 

The fundamental difference between Jews and Gentiles is this. Gentiles are pure races that must be cultivated, while anything birthed by a Jew is a Jew. The father of a Jew can be anything: black, white, asian, canine, lizard, or alien. Jews and Gentiles are two very distinct genus groups.

Being farmers, Europeans valued good breeding. 

It was intuitive. As long as we were connected to the farm, we could learn the lessons of the land.  You don't let donkeys into your horse barn. That spells the end of horse racing. You don't let a million strange dicks walk into Europe. That ends your race and civilization. Our folk wisdom comes from our blood and soil. When we are loyal to the truths of the land, loyal to the truths of blood and soil, Jews will not replace us. When we forget our folkwisdom, we are doomed. Notice how quickly you can understand the connection between horses and horse racing (and how donkeys bring mules that make horse racing impossible); and race and civilization, and how annihilating the racial stock of Europe annihilates European civilization.

It doesn't take 1000 pages of brainwashing. It's obvious. That is why Folkwisdom goes viral. It rings true because it is true. 

Eradicate the Nordic blonde from earth and Europe is gone forever.  

That is the power of folkwisdom. Everyone can understand it.

Demographics is NOW.  We are the present people and we must stand our ground.


Folkwisdom threatens the Jew.

The cosmopolitian Jew ruminates in the city and disparages the men of the land. There is nothing to learn in "flyover" country.   The Jew must control the media and rip man off the land into factories, and rip children away from their mothers into school, pre-school, and now pre-K. The child must be cut off from the land and its wisdom.

The Jew must create the slave in the cave...the child in front of the screen.

The Jew must ban free speech and monitor and police what people are thinking.  The Jew must get people walking on eggshells.

The Jew must fire people who value their folkwisdom. 

The farmer must cross excellence with excellence to build the best in breed. He must exclude what degrades his stock. He must #deball what degrades.





To infiltrate Gentile society, the Jew promotes the false song of inclusion; his origin in the whorehouse gave the Jew the worst genetics possible, but he demands equal status among the pure-bloods. The Jew disrespects our folkwisdom. It's his nature to test our loyalty to our folkwisdom. The Jew probes for weakness.

While a farmer would not spit on a thug's sneaker, lest his ass be capped, the Jew dunks all good things in shit and piss, out of his degraded being. His cult of tolerance knows no bounds, until people finally put their foot down and crush the Jew.  That the Jew must include Satanism, pedophilia, incest, and Gentile child cannibalism into his cult is his doom. Nothing can discipline the Jew. Our laws and values never take root in the Jew; and if they do, they sprout malignancy.



"Goy, please goy, love your enemies. Love me. Diversity is your strength."

"Let me manage your money, goy! I'm good with money."

"Let me train your police, goy! I'm good at fighting terrorism."

"Let me make your laws, goy! I'm good with the law."

"Let me teach your children their values, goy. I'm am the light of the world, goy."

"Goy, here is my 1000-page book to talk you out of your folkwisdom. Celebrate me as a world class genius and prophet of the age!"

"I can't believe the goy bought my shit...AGAIN!"


To be Aryan is to be devoted to excellence in man, method, and race.  The Aryan aims to have the healthy mind in the healthy body; and be the healthy man in the healthy race. This is the ethos of the farmer, the man of the land, applied to all of life. 

To be Jew is to subvert excellence in man and to spoil all innocence and all races. This is the ethic of the parasite bearing malice for its betters, who would rather condemn the whole of the race to oblivion, rather than do his duty and disappear.

The Jew is the nihilist. The Aryan is the creator-god.  The Aryan demands health, strength and beauty.

The Jew is a racial imbecile spreading ugliness, disease, and sickness. Remember the Jew CDC director who wouldn't travel ban migrants from EBOLA countries? Of course, not all Jews run the CDC. It only takes one Jew to cause national disaster...which is why a wise nation bans them all.  

While not all Jews run the Federal Reserve, any Jew that does run the Federal Reserve serves Jews. Every Jew wants to be a good Jew. Good Jews work for Jews.

Now are you a sucker? Would you really rely on a Jew who turned on Jews to run your systems? Don't you have any of your own who has the talent? Ban them all.

Once emancipated, the Jew destroyed the fine arts. In his mania for inclusion, the Jew armed with mass murder communism and ambitions for world wars, fomented political, social, and economic choas and killed millions. The Jews killed millions, all for nothing. The Jews is, literally, a monster. It looks like a monster because it is a monster. It is a monstrosity because its genetics are those of a monster. 

All Jew-serving deeds defile the races. The Talmud targets Gentiles for defilement, and especially, the women and children of authenic races. 



howie rubin.png




Only to Jews is cultivating your race racist and bad. 

Jews are an existential threat to nature's given races. Jews ran the black slave trade. Jews ran opium into China. Jews ran the Soviet gulags. Jews run the debt-slavery central banking system. Jews qua Jesuits destroyed indigenous culture across the world. Jews see their mission is to enslave and destroy Gentiles. To Jews moving from order to chaos "repairs" the world. Jews are just half-breed genocidal maniacs.

It's simply not true that six million half-dicks were gassed in Europe. Despite the official number of half-dicks "gassed" at Auschwitz being dropped by 2.5 million, children are still molested by "six million Jews." Why is it perpetuated in the schools and media to our detriment?

The Holocaust PROPAGANDA is nothing more than war propaganda designed to finance the British colony of Israel; so the British don't have to; to advance genocidal British geopolitics.

The post-war era depends on the Hitler-is-evil axiom; meaning nationalism is evil.  The (((USG))) has pushed that crap for 70 years. That is why Europe is dying. That is why the USG has to go.

 If Europe goes, we all go. That is not an option.



We must reconnect with the roots of our race to save it.

The set-it and forget-it institutionalizion of Europe's demise via the post-war puppet states must be undone. 

We must get back to politics, the politics of RACIAL HUSBANDRY.

You can't be loyal to civilization and the USG.

The (((USG))) exists to crush the permanent expression of racial values conducive to human development.    


howie rubin.png



That's a lesson the Soviet, British, French, and American EMPIRES wanted to push on the world, a world they sought to conquer and enslave. Now they are eating their poison: INFINITE diversity. Imperialism goes against nature. You become what you conquer.  Is that what you want? Why is it we fight over there only to have Muslims over here? Is that what you expected on September 11, 2001?

Hitler defeated imperialism.

The Soviet empire came and went. Fighting for the Soviets was all-for-nothing. Fighting for the American Empire is WHITE GENOCIDE. The USG assured that communism would enslave Eastern Europe. Time and again, the notion that USG soldiers fight for freedoms is a sick joke. That's what the (((USG))) wants you to believe. 

Warts and all, Europe needs borders and a righteous concern for the biological integrity of its posterity. It is a biological necessity of Nordic blondes to have a nature preserve that keeps out competing species. Nordic blondes only come from Nordic blondes; whereas a Jew is anything birthed by a Jew; regardless of the sperm source, be it black, white, Asian, dogs, lizards, or aliens. European civilization does not need the self-righteous (((USG))) bitching about history or biology when it exterminated Indians, imprisoned blacks, napalmed Asians, and despised white racial integrity.

The notion that Hitler is evil is not based on any sincere and authentic moral reasoning, but on the inconvenience that nationalism poses to vicious malevolent empires and on the mindslavery of neurolinguistic programming in the movies and fake news.  

Nationalism presents a check on the false song of globalism. Jewish imperialism comes as communism and capitalist debt-slavery. 

Since Hitler was the arch-nationalist, he is the arch enemy of globalists. Thus, he is arch-evil to (((their))) wallets and money-bags. That's the origin of the myth of Hitler's evil. That's all they have.  Hitler is bad for their wallets. That is why they have to pile on ridiculous propaganda, such as, Hitler craving to be shit on by prostitutes. That's something Jews would think of. If fact, Jews have a fetish of being raped and tortured by leather clad nazi-femme fatals.

Supposedly, Trump was pissed on by prostitutes. He is a Jew...so. 

Since you know Hitler didn't torture animals, you know he isn't a psychopath. 

The battle in the world continues to be race-based spiritualism versus abject materialism.

A new day has dawned, where YOUTUBE-AMERICANS know, "Hitler did nothing wrong."




TGSNTtv-Background (1).jpg




All politicians, congregations, colleges, public schools, and public television stations should watch and show, (and will be paid to show) a documentary that ends war propoganda called THE GREATEST STORY NEVER TOLD. That takes care of 90 percent of the destructive lies.

To have a more perfect union, we need to end wartime lies. The USG divides us as people and promotes mutual racial self-destruction. 

To have a more perfect union based on racial husbandry, the (((USG))) has to go.

The policies, not the people, are the problem; the farmer, not the farm animals.

The (((USG))) wants to breed down and replace the present people with a new disjointed people, similar to but slaves to Jews. Race replacement is institutionalized. The elites want to cancel out your vote with foreign votes, so nationalism cannot rise to stop and reverse our racial murder. We must break out of their FAKE system of controlled-democracy, controlled-demolition, of the WHITE WEST.  

To misquote Hilaire Belloc, Hitler is Europe and Europe is Hitler. 





Europe stands or falls on its stand on Hitler.

Hitler is the AVATAR OF OUR FOLKWISDOM. When that is lost Europe is lost. 

Didn't Ayn Rand write a book called THE VIRTUE OF HITLER and NATIONAL SOCIALISM: THE UNKNOWN IDEAL...well she should have.

You have to eat your Hitler-vegetables to have a healthy Europe. Vitamin H.

If Europe defends Hitler, Europe can defend itself from rape invaders. Nazi-virtue beats cuck-vice. A cuck throws his mother to rapists on muh-principles. 

This is baked into the cake of Europe. No matter what Hitler did or didn't do, should or shouldn't have done, the meaning of iconic Hitler was and is necessary, righteous, and beautiful. Protect and authentically cultivate your race and nation. It is necessary, righteous, and beautiful to defend your girls and grandmothers from foreign rapists and the Jews who unleashed them. 

It's MANHOOD 101. Jew newspapers call that "NAZI."  Hitler-hate assures national oblivion.

To be devoted to excellence in man, method, and race is to be a hero. Hitler, the National Socialists, and the SS were heroes fighting against Europe's racial decay, enslavement, and oblivion. Cucks can't see the truth. You have to fight communism. Jews CAUSE communism. You have to fight Jews.

What else can you do with feral bipeds?

Bring out the best. Deball what degrades.

To be a coward is to be a cuck. Don't be a coward. Stand by your girls and grandmothers to the death.





Like it or not, you are DOOMED to be a NAZI...or a Jew's FAGGOT sex slave.

Israeli nationalism depends on the evil of everyone else's nationalism. 

Isn't that perverse?

Nationalism didn't kill anyone wrongfully in WWII; imperialism did. The vulture empires didn't want peace. Jews wanted to turn Europeans into debt-slaves or slaves of the gulag. These vulture empires were fully responsible for the war. Hitler did nothing wrong.

All the death and destruction of WWII is the responsibility of Jewish warmongers and imperilalists in London, Washington, and Moscow. Hitler was not a warmonger. Churchill, Stalin, and Roosevelt were. Hitler did not invade Poland. He evicted genocidal Polish authority from German soil, put there, by Jewish powers at Versailles and egged on to ethnically-cleanse Germans from German soil to provoke war by the (((British Empire))).  

Self-defense is fully exculpatory.  Hitler had clean hands. Not so with the Gentile-hating psychopathic Jews: Roosevelt and Churchill...or freemason cuck Truman.  

Nationalism is necessary, righteous, and beautiful.  That axiom will cleanse Europe of rape invaders and domestic fools, outside dangers and inner foolishness.

The axiom of a living Europe that nothing truly counts besides its own existence.




howie rubin.png


The opinions of Jews have no meaning to Gentiles

If Jews don't like the gas chamber, that's just the DOGMATIC NARROW view of the Jews.

Jewish opinion.

What do Gentiles think? Do we ever ask that question? Let's ask Gentiles.

In a healthy Gentile society, JEWISH LOGIC has no standing.

The opinions of Jews are Jewish opinions.

They are morally meaningless.

They are metaphysically microscopic fleeting opinions.

Set them aside like the sounds of a barking crow.


Who let these demons out of the gas chamber? Don't you have to be human to have human rights?


Nothing of Europe can be held against its existence. Nothing in Germany can be held against Germans.  

You can't blame natives for eradicating an invasive species.

Germans are the natives of Europe. Jews are the infiltrators.

Case Closed. GERMANY WINS.




SUDDEN ERECTILE DISFUNCTION, goy? These aren't your species.


You can't hold an alligator responsible for devouring lice-infested super-rats.

You can't hold a lion responsible for taking down a powerful bison.

A lion has to do what a lion has to do. 

A lion is its own justification. 

A noble soul has reverence for his race.

Only those who care about our race should lead. 

Jews hate Gentile races and should never be allowed into power.

The only reason Jews are in Gentile societies is to enjoy themselves at Gentile expense and detriment. Fleece and flee.

Cucks can't understand this. They, too, have no place in political leadership. Racial imbeciles endanger everyone.  

"What about Anti-Semitism?"

Anti-Semitism is a point of view, Anakin.

Anti-Semitism is the RIGHT TO RESIST Jews destroying your family.  Don't those rights makes sense?


You want Jews to respect you don't you, Anakin? 

A noble soul passes Jew shit-tests. That is leadership material.

Are you leadership material?