Subversion 101





Israel is a British colony advancing genocidal British geopolitics in the Middle East.

The British invented Jewish nationalism, Zionism, Christian Zionism, and Freemasonry.

After Napoleon went into Egypt and the French built the Suez Canal in 1859, the British aristocrats wanted Jews to go to Palestine, plant cotton for their textile industry, and be under the protection of British soldiers. The British couldn't just invade the Ottoman Empire. They had to sneak in there with their Jews and their cover story of going back to their homeland, even though, most Jews were averse to the notion. The British shopped their ploy to get the Jews out of Europe and into Palestine, until they found their front men. By 1917, the British "gave" Palestine to the Jews, even though, they had no right to do so, and the Ottomans still ruled the area. On this alone, Israel has no legitimacy.



To be a knight is to be a servant of.  Alan Greenspan was knighted by Queen Lizard. This means Agent Greenspan was working for the British. The Rothschilds were knighted several times. This means the Rothschilds work for the British Crown. Israeli president Simone Peres was knighted by the Queen. He accepted the "honor" on behalf of the State of Israel, meaning the state of Israel serves the British Empire.

Israel is a BRITISH COLONY.  

To get Europeans, primarily Germans to fund Israel, the British invented the Holocaust war propaganda.

There is absolute proof that the concentration camps were work camps, pig pens, not slaughterhouses. No one survives a slaughterhouse. No one is moved from one slaughterhous to another. Jews wanted (and still want) to enslave Gentiles to multicultural communism. Hitler flipped on the Jews and made them slaves in the fight against their creation: mass murder communism. All the deaths of WWII are the responsibility of the Jews who fomented the war and denied the noble Germans the right to exist in their own land...which is all that Hitler or any righteous leader would ask of the world.

The Jewish Almanac does not show 6 million missing, dead, or gassed Jews.  

The Red Cross tells us that some 271,000 Jews died from various causes in pigpens, some of which were bombed by the British. It is likely that the British "murdered" more Jews than the numer of Jews that were, rightfully, executed for treason. To create domestic discord, in WWI, the British claimed that the German army was making soap out of dead German soldiers. They admitted this. In WWII, they recycled the ludicris non-sense that Germans were making soap out of Jews. You can't make soap out of Jews of skin and bones. You need big fat Jews. The only big fat Jews there were in wartime were the ones dining in NYC, London, and Moscow.


To get Americans to fund Israel, the British invented British Israelism, which became Christian Zionism. They created tent revivalists who become the later televenagelists who foment Israel-worship among American Christians. It's not god or jesus that wants Isreal. It is the sneaky British that want Americans to serve Israel.


2) Freemasonry is British intelligence.


The all-seeing eye was used by DARPA in their logo.




Five British kings were freemasons. The British monarchy is Jewish. The CIRCUMCISER TO THE ROYAL FAMILY is a Jewish rabbi.

Numerous Founding Fathers, presidents, and phony astronauts have been subversive freemasons.

Jews admit that freemasonry is a Jewish construct.

Mormonism was started by masons, meaning a religion was started by British intelligence operatives to advance genocidal British geopolitics. Presumably, the Mormons were intended to outbreed the Indians in the far west.



Zionist-Imbecile "Big Dick" Mitt Romney




The US federal government is a (((MASONIC THEOCRACY))). 


The official materials of the US federal government prove we live in a (((masonic theocracy))):



1. The Egyptian obelisk honors FREEMASON George Washingon.

2. The OVAL OFFICE and the Obelisk represent the cult of ISIS.

3. Masonic symbols are pervade the design of the federal capital city.  


The Great Satan


4. America's favorite pastime, baseball, is a masonic designed game. Three strikes and you are out. XXX = 666.  Square and compass. (video)





5. Masonic symbols (pyramid and all-seeing eye) sit on the MONEY. The money reflects the collapse of the Twin Towers.

6. 911 was a gargantuan masonic cult operation involving decades of planning and building. There is no way a caveman did it. The Rockefellers were its prime movers. They designed and built the Twin Towers to have 110 stories, same as, the name Osama Bin Laden and Rockefeller (see Gematria). Zionist Nelson Rockefeller was governor of New York and became Vice-President of the United States. The highest levels of government knew what was in those buildings. They knew what was coming. ROCKEFELLER GOT AWAY WITH IT.

These symbols are calling cards, as a dog scent marks its territory, or a Muslim builds a mosque to show who is in charge, as a criminal taunts the public.

Symbols show power. 



4) Christians are WRONG.


Christians who think America is Christian, based on Jesus and the Bible, are wrong. There is no free speech in the Bible and there is no cross in D.C.  

Many of the "protestant" cults that landed in America were just Jews fomenting division among Christians. The five founders of Mormonism were freemasons, British Intelligence operatives. This includes, subsequent, holy rollers, tent revivalists, and televangelists who whip up support for the British colony of Israel. The Founding Fathers were known as deists and didn't want a religous test for office. The same cults that support Israel claim America is based on Christianity to capture Christians, their money, votes, and manpower, in service to Satanism (Zionism). This is just schizophrenia induced on the public by British-Israelist social engineering operations.

Jesus is not on any official material of the United States Government. God, as masons describe it, is an architect, a creator of the matrix, which on earth, is Satan, Lucifer, the Morning Star. 

God is a generic term for any supreme being, deity, or object of worship. You can't trust that your elites are talking about your god, when they have their own god in mind.


5) Secularists are WRONG.

Secularists who think America stands for the separation of church and state are also wrong. There is an established British religious cult. Open your BAPHOMET or FATHER MITHRAS....the (dung) beattle worshippers. Yes. Those British Beattles. (see the DANCING BAPHPOMET)






Podesta's FAVORITE artist



Open your eyes...

"For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence--on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations....

The very word 'secrecy' is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings."


Genuine keepers of knowledge spread it around, so that it stays alive. They democratize knowledge to improve everyone. Masons create frauds to win power and money.


Freemasons are not here to help. They are here to subvert and overthrow the kind of society we need to thrive.

Karensky was a freemason who intentionally lost Russia to the Bolsheviks. Truman intentionally lost China to Mao.  They are traitors.


You know some Rhodes Scholars: Bill Clinton, Naiomi Wolf, George Stephanopoulos, Rachel Maddow (tranny too?), and other justices and Congressmen have become Rhodes Scholars (list). These traitors are boosted by the globalist network to destroy American self-government. They are the easiet subversives to understand and spot.

The Hooton Plan to genocide Germans was designed by a Rhodes Scholar Earnest Hooten. 


6) The British Crown is the FIXED-FRAME of Masonry, Satanism, Zionism, and Terrorism.


The British crown (the Jew-monarchy and its Jew-aristocrats) is the fixed frame for subversion in America.

The British have always wanted to put America back under its dominion. The war to reconquer America never stopped. Cecil Rhodes shows what it is to be British, to imagine America back under the imperial boot. 

Instead of overtly conquering America and facing the most resistance, the British covertly sought out and groomed traitor material in colleges. 



Traitor material win Rhodes Scholars to feed these egomaniacs with prestigue. These traitors became the managerial class to establish foundations and think tanks with policy wonks and policy papers to put our politicians in a thought bubble. This is just Plato's slave-in-a-cave tactic. Television uses the slave-in-the-cave tactic. 

Control the information a person has and he will stand on and defend his falsehoods because falsehoods are the only "truths" he knows. 

Americans will fight for their ridiculous falsehoods. They know not what they do. They are not omniscient. They are tragic beings with limited access to knowledge, limited intelligence, curiosity, and capacity to outhink the makers of fake realities.

Only the best of Gentiles wake up because of the inner workings of their strange personalities. This is what the elites cannot control. 

Only a loyal Board of Trustees charged with the duty to fire the subverters and ban them from public influence can clear the air for truth to flow in.   



The "British invasion" of sex, drugs, and rock-and-roll, was stepped up with Tavistock Institute psychological research to create hysterias, such as, women going bonkers over British musicians. These are really the first "crisis-actors." Rent-a-fan base.

The Tavistock Institute was critical to the launch of WWI and WWII. The aim is to MANUFACTURE CONSENT. There is a book of the same name. Freud's double nephew and others helped promote the meme, "make the world safe for democracy," leading to the destruction of contintental Europe.


Much of our world is pushed by these think tanks. Most movements are not organic movements arising from the inner nature of the people.


Ccrow777 has a good video on manipulating mass psychology.





If Jews are sons of Satan, then Zionism is Satanism. Christian Zionism is Christian Satanism. Freemasonry is Jewish and is Satanic. You don't need to believe the devil exists, but the metaphor provides conceptual clarity. Anything Jewish, from communism to freemasonry to Zionism, is Satanic. The leading white nationalist Jared Taylor believes "Jews look white to me." This harkens back to British Zionism which posits an Anglo-Jew tag team to rule the world. Richard Spencer is a Jew. This means that white nationalism is Satanic because it is Jewish by definition and operating leadership. The Jew Paul Godfried created Richard Spencersteins's term alt-right. The alt-right buys into the official fiction story of the shitshow in Charlottsville. Also, Richard Spencer is a big fan of Israel. Richard Spencer does nothing EFFECTIVE to liberate whites, or Gentiles in general, from the Jewish octopus. Though in DC he does not lobby Congress. 


Fedbusters understand that we must get our proposal to dissolve the USG in front of politicians for consideration. If they only hear about it, we win. 



How scripted is our political and cultural system? Incredibly scripted. 




Do you ever wonder why the Drudge Report links to psycho psy-oped UK news outlets about news in the US?

Fake news all goes back to the British fixed-frame.

Who, but the BBC, reported the collapse of Building 7 before it happened?

Who, but on the BBC, did Ehud Barak demand a global war on terrorism?

In the past, the Voice of America was forbidden to broadcast in the US. America wasn't supposed to eat its own poison.


FAKE NEWS is Legal.  


Government sponsored fake news and fake terrorism (drills as news) are legal. 

The elite have a weakness. They like to have the cover of the law. They want the law on their side to get away with their (((masonic))) crimes.

Our job is to win the law to our side and ban them from power. 

Only a Board of Trustees with ALL POWER NECESSARY to ASSURE SELF-GOVERNMENT can defeat the NINE MONSTERS of Subversion.




In Gematria: 

Rand Paul = 33 

Ficton = 113 

Bullshit = 113

Broken Ribs = 113

11-3 is when this incident supposedly happpened.

It was first reported he broke "five broken ribs." The next day six broken ribs. Do doctors miss a broken rib?

Could you break five or six ribs on someone by attacking them from BEHIND?



AIDS = 33

The Rand Paul story is a HOAX.

Also on 11-3, Texan Selena got her Hollywood star 22 years after she was shot to death.

On 11-5, we had the hoax TEXAS CHURCH MASSACRE (115) featured the pastor's orphaned daughter, Annabelle Renee Pomeroy (22).

Not only was the TEXAS CHURCH MASSACRE a hoax to get guns, but to also get unlimited access to smartphone data. 

You need a Board of Trustees to pull the plug on the LYING MONSTERS.

To cap off the hoax, here is a tweet. Note the time 115 and the date 113.

rand paul fraud.PNG




10) What is the point of saying we are subverted?

You don't owe allegiance to a government that is not your government.

We have a duty to alter or abolish it. 

This government is run by child-raping genocidal maniacs who need wars to make orphans to feed their sickness. 

Since Jews are the elites and have inbreed sexual sickenesses (due to being decendants of temple prostitutes), Jews are the vector for all of this insanity, from incest to pedophilia to porn, prostitution, child trafficking, trans-hyping, homo-hyping, war-hyping, ugliness-hyping.

Jews use blackmail to control other elites. How long have Jews known about the Hollywood scandals that were sitting there for years, until it came time to slit the boil, for some opportune reason? (Weensteen Hollywood scapegoat?)

Jews must be banned from societal leadership and influence. The ability to blackmail over extra-marital affairs lost its power. Now, Jews use pedophilia to control other elites, but they also want to normalize it. In the long run, child-raping will lose its power, if Jewish normalization efforts achieve their goal. 

The Jews wanted you to take drugs, screw animals, and hate your people. You failed their shit test. Now, the Jews want your son to chop his dick off. It's another shit test.

Will your son pass the shit test? Not if public schools and universities have anything to say about it.  

In a healthy CONGRUENT society, politics, art, and religion are on the same page elevating everyone. These elements work together with common values that authentically serve the race. The young believe in health, strength and beauty. It is the duty of parents to give them that kind of world. 

Jews or your own children? What is your choice?





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